Differential Fluid Change

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I just finished changing from the stock Differential Fluid to Red Line. I
searched unsuccessfully for tips on how to do this without making a mess
and came up empty. So now that I have figured out an easy, clean way to do
it, I thought I\’d share it with everyone else.
1) After driving
your car until it is warm, raise it up high enough to get to both the Fill
and Drain Plugs. It should be level, just like changing the oil. A lift
obviously makes it very easy.
2) Loosen, but do not remove the Fill
Place a drain pan under the differential and remove the Drain Plug.
the Fill Plug at this time helps it to drain.
4) Let the stinky old
fluid drain completely. I left it over night.
5)Wipe the drain and
Fill Areas completely.
6) Reinstall the Drain Plug. Tighten to 26
7) Fill until some fluid seaps out through the Fill port.
It should take about 1.6
Re-install the Fill Plug. Tighten to 26 ft-lbs.
9)Go for a drive
and check for leaks.
To make life easier, I made a special fill
tube from some flexible PCV tubing hot glued to the cap of one bottle of

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