Pennsylvania Driver Busted Doing 108 MPH in Corvette

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Corvette and Police Officer

Report suggests driver was likely trying to impress his passenger.

We recently came across a story in Pittsburgh detailing how a man got a ticket for doing 108 mph in his Corvette.

The incident, covered in a CBS Pittsburgh report, occurred in an area where police were on the lookout for speeding drivers, which really isn’t that big of a news story. But what struck us as interesting is that the police seem to think the guy was speeding because he wanted to impress the passenger.

OK, be honest: how many of you Corvette owners love the idea of taking someone for a ride in your car when you find out they’ve never been in ‘Vette?

No, we’re not talking about a complete stranger. We doubt if anyone here finds themselves jumping at the opportunity to take some guy drooling over your car at the gas station for a ride. Well, at least you shouldn’t. But what about when you come across a family member or friend of a friend who has never experienced the thrill of riding in a Corvette? Do you find yourself excited to take them for a ride?

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Now, second question: If you are one of those who gives people a ride in your Corvette on occasions, do you find yourself ever going over the speed limit to really give them a feeling for what it’s like? Come on, who hasn’t found themselves yearning to show off a Corvette’s capabilities?

Hey, no need to answer that in the comment section, here. But we’d be willing to bet that if you love to take people for a ride in your Corvette, you’ve probably found yourself exceeding the speed limit once or twice.

Our point? The next time you decide to take someone for a ride in your Corvette, you might want to get a deposit from them on that ticket up front. That way you won’t find yourself having to bear the brunt of the cost for giving some a “real” experience of what it’s like to ride in a ‘Vette. Though we imagine that if given the option, your passenger will gladly opt for a safer ride, free of charge.

image via [Justice Defender]

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