1967 Corvette: Five Reasons We Love It

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Road & Track story reminds us what makes the vintage ‘Vette so special in the pantheon of classic cars.

Beauty, isn’t she? Go ahead, take a minute. No worries, we’ve spent the past couple of hours drooling over her ourselves here in the office at Corvette Forum wondering if we should try to start a campaign so we can buy one of our own.

1967 Corvette Sting Ray Convertible

After all, when it comes to vintage Corvettes, the ’67 model is one of the nicest among all classic automobiles.

Sure, some might beg to differ, but as a recent story posted by Road & Track points out, there’s just so much to love about a ’67 ‘Vette. We’ve pulled five specific points, inspired by the story, that really speak to the classic model’s appeal.

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1) In 1967 there were only 22,940 Corvettes sold, which makes the model rarer than, say, the 1984 model, of which 51,547 were produced.

2) One of the engine options in the ’67 model was a special, high-performance 327 rated at 350 horsepower. The model above is equipped as such, but we can’t forget about everyone’s favorite 1967 engine option: the 427/435 Tri-Power. The year 1967 offered the most powerful C2 Corvette with its famously underrated big block pushing an indicated 435 horsepower. It was actually closer to 500 horsepower, and only 3,754 Corvettes that year were so equipped.

3) It looks good. Sure, some might argue that’s more of a personal preference that lacks substance when weighed against facts, but until someone shows us data counter to the survey we’ve run, we’re sticking to it.

4) A quick search for 1967 Corvettes on ClassicCars.com shows prices for the model year range from $60,000 to as much as $175,000. We take that to mean the model year certainly ages well.

5) It has a distinctive growl, as highlighted in the video above.

That said, this Lynndale Blue model (which only has 69,000 miles on the odometer) is selling for $69,500.

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