POLL: What’s the Best-Looking Corvette Generation?

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There’s likely to be debate over this one for years, and by “for years” I mean as many years as it will take for hell to freeze over.

But hey, since the forum has decided to take a stab at it in a thread here I figured I’d open this pot-stirring question to the Corvette kingdom. Here it goes:

What’s the Best-Looking Corvette Generation?

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Now, I know a lot of this is going to boil down to a matter of eye and beholder, but among the seven generations there has to be one or two that even die-hard Corvette enthusiasts didn’t particularly like.


For me, it comes down to two generations that I have a tough time narrowing down for an all-out favorite: The C2; specifically the 1967 coupe, and the current C7 coupe, but I’m sure plenty would argue the new Stingray hasn’t been around long enough to earn its stripes.

The debate on the forum has included everything from a split-window ’63 to a C5, but I’m betting there are some who think neither one of those are worthy of the “best-ever” title.

Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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