Ten Cars that Have Driven the Idea of a Mid-Engine C8

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Like it or not, there’s no escaping discussions of a next-gen mid-engine C8.

It seems the only thing left is for General Motors to issue an official press release announcing the car is in development. While opinions might be a bit mixed on whether the market is ready for a $150,000 Corvette, I stumbled on an interesting list of ten cars that have paved the way for a possible mid-engine C8, as highlighted in a Road & Track report.

Personally, I think GM should have never let some of the cars surface as concepts, but going through a few on the list like the 1968 Astro II (pictured above) does leave one eager to see what Chevy might have in store for that new mid-engine C8.

To see the full Road & Track report click here.

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