YouTuber Cleetus’ C5 Corvette Runs a Solid 9 in the Quarter-Mile

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Who’d have thought Cleetus’ salvage-title C5 Corvette could have such a fast run?

With Cleetus’ Corvette build, Leroy, having been really dialed in, it was about time to hit the strip. Running on Hoosier slicks by the order of 335/30-18, Leroy’s first run down the track ended up being much faster than expected. He’d run a 10.7 before, but that was without the extra weight of the blower and the exterior cage.

YouTuber Cleetus Time Slip

With weight now at 2,716 lbs, he wasn’t expecting such a quick run. However, the car launched faster and more solid than it ever had, so quickly, 9s were in reach.

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In the final run, he managed it. A 9.981 at 136.51 was the fastest run of the night, but more astonishing was how the car launched. A 1.408 60-foot time is certainly hauling, but we do have to say: well done, Cleetus. That launch was beautiful.

But, the news doesn’t stop there. The LSA blower is soon to be chucked in favor of a different kind of boost. If you remember, when Cleetus’ fanbase voted for the type of boost he should make, they ultimately voted for him to start with a blower, then switch to a twin turbo setup.

He’s got a month to get it done before squaring up against Kyle and his Unicorn C5 build.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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