Early C4 Corvettes Are Dirt Cheap Fun

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1984 Chevrolet Corvette

They won’t win any races, but they max out the smiles-per-dollar quotient.

Here at CorvetteForum, we’re some of the biggest cheerleaders for the early C4 Corvettes. It’s hard to deny that they’re simply great cars for the money, with very nice examples setting you back under $7,500 in most cases. To prove our point, we present this 1984 Corvette we found for sale on Hemmings.

Far from perfect but far from rough, this 88,000 mile example is very clean and presents very well. It appears to have been well preserved, and short of some normal wear and tear in the usual paces, it seems that time has indeed been very kind to this early C4.

While the two-tone blue paint may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s worth noting that the 1980s aesthetic is back in a big way. Combined with the digital dashboard, we’re sure that for the right person, this could be an affordable dream car.

1984 Chevrolet Corvette

Just how affordable? It’s listed for $5,900, which is pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things. We’ve personally seen far rougher cars go for not much less money. It’s a pretty solid price for a car you can expect to get in and drive without having to worry about much of anything.

While we typically prefer to shift our own gears (almost always, in fact), we can get down with an early C4 automatic. That’s because, surprisingly, the automatic is noticeably quicker than the manual. We’ve written about it before.

While no early C4 is going to break any speed records, automatic cars are indeed the faster choice. It also helps that they’re often cheaper than their three-pedal counterparts.

Corvettes have always represented the American Dream, achievable to anyone who was willing to work hard enough to make their dreams into a reality. With C4 prices as low as they are currently, it’s nice to know that just about anyone could realize their Corvette dream.

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