Is This Elkhart Green ’73 Corvette a Steal?

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Is it just me or does $26,000 seem like a steal for this 1973 Corvette convertible?

Or maybe it’s the fact that the Elkhart green just takes on a much richer look, especially since the body appears to be in excellent condition.

Either way, if you’re willing to make an offer around that $26K mark, this classic beauty could be yours. Corvette Forum Senior Member Deron has posted the car for sale in a thread here, where he says he’ll take that amount or the best offer, along with plenty of forthcoming details.

He’s also willing to trade for a C6 manual coupe or a C6 Z06 with high miles on it.

Deron says his only reason for selling the ’73 Corvette is that he currently has two models of the car and that he’s looking for a ‘Vette that can be used as more of a daily driver. You know, the old “too many ‘Vettes” problem.

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