When Will You Have ‘Enough’ Power In Your Corvette?

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How much horsepower is too much for your Corvette?

Modern Corvettes make a lot of horsepower. When it comes to tire-shredding ability, how much power is too much? 

We all know that the Corvette has been a powerhouse performer since the good old days, so we’re not going to suggest that any of Bowling Green’s best should be saddled with a smog-choked 305 ever again. However, is it possible that modern Corvettes have a bit too much power?

In a recent C6-related thread about wheel spin, CF Senior Member Adam_Cifonelli asked why he can’t stop getting wheelspin in first and second gears. While some blamed it on his aging OEM-fitment tires (a distinct possibility, mind you), it did bring up the question of whether Chevrolet is building in too much power for the average driver.

We’ve personally always felt that 200 horsepower is adequate for anyone’s ‘needs’ from a car as basic transportation. Adding to that, 300 horsepower is usually a good measure of a performance car. Having driven the newest C7s, we really love the way the car drives, but it requires a judicial application of the throttle pedal to stay under the posted limits.

What’s the right amoung of power? Weigh in on the forum.

There’s an old saying in sports cars that it’s more fun to drive a slow car fast than it is to drive a fast car slowly. We can’t help but imagine how much fun a lower-powered Corvette would be to flog within an inch of its life and not worry about breaking traction constantly, keeping a keen eye out for law¬†enforcement officers, or sliding headlong into a roadside tree.

Sure, the 455 horsepower number in the base Corvette probably sells a lot of cars and it certainly helps the Corvette’s on-track lap time. For those of us that never take our cars to the track, wouldn’t you rather give up a bit of power for a smaller price tag and a more engaging street driving experience? Just a thought.

Bradley Brownell is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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