Erasing DTC Codes

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You can acess all of
the cars trouble codes from the dic and erase them! I know it works on my
99 but, I am not so sure on the earlier C5’s. Here is what you
Press and hold options and then press Fuel 4 times while still
holding the options button you must do this quickly. A message will appear
saying “Diagonstics” then it will automatically read off the codes.
Like….02-PCM(No codes)….03-BCM(No Codes)…ect. if there is a code it
will look something like this 02-PCM (1052H) NOTICE THE H at the end of
the code, That represents a code that has happened in HISTORY. If there is
a C after the code it is CURRENT.
To clear the codes let it
automatically cycle through the codes then it will come to (MANUAL
DIAGNOSTICS) this is where you can clear codes. Use the options button to
scroll forward and the TRIP to scroll backward find the code(s) to be
erased like 02-PCM (2Codes). To erase this, press and hold the reset
button until it says “NO CODES” There you have done it!!!. To exit the
Diagonstic menu press the METRIC BUTTON!!!

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