Has This Ever Happened to You in Your Corvette?

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Demotivational Poster Corvette-Envy Home 2

When you drive a Corvette, there are some simple rules to follow, the most famous one being the “Corvette Wave”, which simply means flashing your headlights when you see other Corvettes on the road. Another rule appropriate for the Corvette Code of Conduct (and just a good rule if you’re driving any nice vehicle) would be parking far away from other cars, preferably in a space at the parking lot’s edge, so that a maximum of one car can park next to you, thus lessening the possibility of door dings.

In the picture above, it appears the driver of the C6 Corvette failed to use the edge of the parking lot, thus inviting door dings. On top of that, the Subaru Forester and Toyota Corolla drivers chose to get very close to the black C6. Perhaps they are fans of the Chevrolet Corvette, and couldn’t resist the car’s beauty and natural magnetism, or they could be exhibiting the behavior described in the un-motivational poster from where this image originates.

Demotivational Poster Corvette-Envy

For those of you who don’t park far away in parking lots, has the above scenario ever happened to you?

via [RideLust.com]

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