Exclusive Motoring Corvette has Just the Right Touch

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Exclusive Motoring C7 Corvette Home

The beauty of the all-new Corvette Stingray is that it looks amazing straight off the assembly line especially with the wheel options offered by Chevrolet.

Still, I love seeing when someone adds a nice touch to a car that doesn’t take away from its original look.

Of course, pulling it off can be tricky, which is why less is typically better when it comes to any exterior enhancements on a vehicle like the C7. Adding too much extra stuff can cloud its classic appeal.

Exclusive Motoring, clearly gets it, which is why they’ve kept their modifications on a new convertible Corvette subtle. The Florida-based custom shop started with lowering the car on a set of 21” and 22” Forgiato Maglia wheels that match the factory paint.

Other Exclusive Motoring details include custom painted exterior trim pieces, badges, and exhaust tips. The company also smoked the tail lights and front/rear corner lights on the new Corvette, which gives it a more menacing street presence.

Source [GT Spirit]

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