Facebook Fridays: Fire Breathing Corvette Takes Center Stage

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This photo certainly gives a new meaning to a Corvette with blazing speed, which is why it has earned our coveted Facebook Fridays’ post this week.

Of course, from the look on everyone’s face watching the car spew out a ball of fire, you get the sense that the picture really doesn’t do this ‘Vette justice. But the photo (shared by High Tech Corvette) certainly gives you the impression that this thing would be pretty fast on the dragstrip—especially with that wide spanning wing.

Not that the entire fire breathing thing doesn’t sell you on the idea, but just sayin’.

The pic has even spawned a few more Facebook users to share photos of their own fire breathing ‘Vettes in the comments section. Like it? Let us know! And share you own favorite fire-breathing ‘vette.

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