HRE Wheels Spice up the Z06 with RS100Ms

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The team at HRE Performance Wheels seem to have a solid idea of how to spice up the look of a Z06 without taking away from its appeal as a high performance vehicle.

Showcased on a Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic model, there’s no question that the RS100M, brushed titanium wheels add a unique touch to the Z06.

The wheels give the car a distinctive look without being overstated. As we’ve seen here in the past, that’s no easy task when it comes to a Corvette especially for the Z06. To put it simply, there’s a lot more to consider when designing a custom wheel for a 650 horsepower track-focused car than, say, a Honda Civic.

Sure, it might seem like I’m stating the obvious. But I’m betting even the folks at HRE will tell you that there are a lot of shops that really don’t get it, which is why HRE is well deserving of the accolades here.

via [Car Scoops]

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