Poll: Do the Seats of Your Stingray Sting?

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Corvette’s have, historically, not had particularly “good” seats until the arrival of the C7. The newly bolstered buckets were touted as the end to the C6’s weak butt-holding ability and the C5’s awful seat rails. Sporty seats in a sports car make sense, right? Well, not if they’re painful.

Folks have been complaining that the bolstered seats in the Stingray are terribly uncomfortable. Specifically the left leg bolster presses in too hard and causes pain when driving long distances.

There’s no getting around the fact that the seats for the Corvette are sporty seats in a sporty car. They’re fairly narrow, have high bolsters, and are intended to keep the driver snugly behind the wheel when enduring significant lateral g-forces (i.e. hauling firey ass out of a corner or diving in headfirst into one.) It’s a sensible thing for any high-performance car to have, and as many owners of the new car have pointed out, a huge improvement over the old ones.

That said, the Corvette, isn’t just a sports car. It’s not engineered to rattle the bones and inflict bodily harm on its occupants in pursuit of optimal grip and impossible lap times. If it were just the competition seats people were complaining about, it would be understandable. They may get more comfortable as wear and tear sets in, but perhaps GM overlooked something here. What do you all think?

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