Corvette Forum’s Facebook Fridays Goes to the Dogs

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You don’t want to leave your beloved Corvette in the hands of just anyone, especially considering how many folks envy the fact that you own one of the best sports cars on the planet.

That said, who is better at keeping a watchful eye on things than man’s best friend? If we’re to judge by the photo for this week’s Facebook Fridays, the answer is noone.

Shared by High Tech Corvette here, the picture was initially posted in early February with the caption “Vette security taken to the extreme!!! Let’s see some pics of what you have guarding your Vette!”

So far, the pic has accumulated more than 14,000 likes and 945 shares. But even more interesting are the scores of photos posted in the comments section that show that this Corvette isn’t the only one with a security detail, although some appear to be a lot more capable of serving and protecting ‘Vettes than others. Here’s some of the best we found…

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via [High Tech Corvette]

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