Poll: Does the C7 Corvette Look Better With or Without a Top?

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Well this is a fun and interesting quandary, indeed. Corvette Forum member Always Red Dave dropped the above photos of the new C7 Convertible into a thread and asked if the car looks better as a convertible with the top up or with the top down? Great question, indeed, but I wanted to throw a couple of extra options into this little poll party by adding the Coupe with the panel in and out.

Feel free to head over to the thread to voice your opinion on this topic, but before you do, please make sure to select a choice in the totally scientific poll we created below. It will provide us with very important feedback on the tastes of the modern Corvette owner and allow us to better direct site content in a way that is more appealing to the greatest quotient of the audience. Or something…

Anyways, here are the photos of the cars for you to look at to make your decision. Choose wisely. My personal favorite of the verts is top down. I don’t like the cloth top at all. My favorite look overall is the coupe with panel in place. I like how purposeful and fast it appears.

Please note: the answers to this poll may be slightly skewed to my preferences.

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