1,000 HP Corvette Struts Its Stuff With a Few Donuts

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corvette donuts

Chances are, you’ve heard this more than once: it doesn’t take long to make a lasting impression. Over the years, I’ve certainly found this to be true. And this super short video of a 1,000hp Corvette doing burnouts (shared in Corvette Forum by member Craig Barr) just makes that point even more crystal clear.

Okay, maybe “crystal clear” is the wrong choice of words in this case, considering it’s tough to make out much of anything due to all the smoke from the donuts and burnouts this driver pulls off.

Still, the idea of a “lasting impression” rings clear all the way through, especially from the sound of those 1,000 horses revving around on the pavement in the video (which was initially posted on YouTube by Street FX Motorsport & Graphics).

The entire spot is only 15-seconds long but it definitely makes a lasting statement about the power and popularity of Corvettes.

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via [Street FX Motorsport & Graphics]

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