Farrah Fawcett Was Hot, Her C3 Corvette, Not So Much

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It’s said that money can’t buy taste. It’s also said that the 1970s were an interesting time in Corvette history, for both OEM and modification. Another product of the ’70s was the lovely Farrah Fawcett who had stellar roles in The Six Million Dollar Man, The Cannonball Run, and of course, Charlie’s Angels. That being said, you wouldn’t have counted on her being much into cars, and this modified C3 of hers would really tell you that’s true.

It’s certainly not the way we would build our dream C3, if we owned one new at that time. Though, it should be noted that it was designed by the late, great George Barris. Well, even Picasso had his ugly painting moments in his lifetime.

farrah fawcett corvette

The most interesting modification done by Barris on this Corvette for Farrah? The fully-mink interior. Yes, we just said fully-mink interior. PETA would have a field day with this one. There is also the ’70s mobile phone, television in the passenger dash, and the four-speed manual. At least she could drive it.

You now have a chance to own this piece of interesting Corvette and Barris history, as it’s up on the auction block. At the upcoming Barrett Jackson Scottsdaleit’s going up for sale without a reserve price. Are you breaking out your wallets as we speak?

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