Don’t Worry About Water With Your C7 Corvette

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You may encounter those times when washing a car, you have a pressure washer in hand, and you open up the hood to spray off some of the possible grease and grime that’s accumulated. But you see the fuse box and other things, where a large amount of wiring looms. Does this make water a concern for the C7 Corvette? Hardly.

In a recent Corvette Forum thread, member Charles Griffin, a new C7 purchaser, was curious as to why a salesman (who clearly wasn’t bereft of information on the C7, or any other car for that matter) spoke of the dangers of driving in heavy rain, due to water getting in the air vents that we have come to love as a styling feature on the new Stingray.

There’s one problem though: water doesn’t phase the Stingray. Actually the only model that had an effect from standing water was the C5, because of its very low mounted air intake. Newer Corvette models don’t suffer from this nearly as much.

Does that mean you can drive your Corvette through a foot of flooded water? No. Buy a Tahoe for that.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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