Florida McDonald’s Gains Corvette-made Drive-thru

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Corvette Visits McDonald's

Florida driver crashes little white Corvette through the golden arches of Orlando fast food joint.

If you’ve been reading random headlines recently, Florida seems to have become a wonderland filled with curious tales of depravity and insanity not seen since Hunter S. Thompson hung out in the infield during the Kentucky Derby. There’s the guy from Latvia who spent 28 years building a castle made from coral limestone because he was jilted by his 16-year-old fiancĂ©e. There’s alligators working on their swings at various golf courses. There’s the one time an entire police department was shut down as an illegal enterprise under RICO laws. And of course, there’s everything ever done by the University of Miami Hurricanes football team.

You can now add a Corvette-made drive-thru to the list of Floridian tales. WKMG-TV in Orlando reports that a Corvette crashed into a window of a McDonald’s in the early morning hours of June 24.

Corvette Visits McDonald's

Per officials at the Orlando Fire Department, the little white C7 landed through the window of a McDonald’s on 2504 S. Orange Ave. in the city’s SoDo district. This particular part of Orlando is a business district currently undergoing revitalization of its two main drags, Michigan Ave. and Orange Ave. We don’t think this impromptu pop-up drive-thru was what developers and community organizers had in mind for their neighborhood, though.

Corvette Visits McDonald's

The unknown Florida driver behind the wheel of the Corvette appears to be OK, and no injuries were reported. The McDonald’s, meanwhile, only suffered minor structural damage. (We don’t know the name of the driver, but we suspect it could have been either a bearded redhead dude wearing a crown, or a redhead young lady with pigtails.)

This isn’t the first time a Corvette made a big splash at a McDonald’s, though. According to Fox News, a test unit of the upcoming C8-era Corvette was caught in a drive-thru of a Michigan Mickey D’s wrapped in its finest camo, likely in a rush to get a chocolate shake before the ice cream machine goes out of service. Again.

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