Forum Member Picks Up 2018 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible at NCM

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‘Blue666’ takes an unforgettable cross-country trip home in his factory-fresh Admiral Blue Grand Sport.

Epic experiences, such as going to Disney World or Europe for the first time, are filled with joy, photo opportunities…and pressure. When you spend a lot of money on such a trip, you feel an enormous amount of pressure to have the best time of your life. Sometimes it may not live up to your expectations.

Luckily, Corvette Forum member Blue666 visit to the National Corvette Museum to pick up his Admiral Blue 2018 Corvette Grand Sport convertible and his trip home to North Carolina went so well that he decided to create an entire thread about it.

Thanks to the friendly and helpful staff at the NCM, Blue666’s visit got off to a great start. They placed Blue666’s Corvette in delivery bay #8, making it the first car other museum visitors saw as they entered the facility. They got an eyeful of its gray top and interior, which Blue666’s wife selected — and seven-speed manual gearbox. However, none of them would get the pleasure of firing it up and driving it away.

Blue666 wanted some splash guards installed on his new ‘Vette before he drove it home and one of the museum’s employees gladly obliged. The gesture didn’t go unnoticed. Blue666 said, “Things could not have gone any smoother with the museum delivery. If any of you are contemplating the museum delivery option, I cannot recommend it more strongly! It was a day that will live in my memory forever.”

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