Get 10 Percent Off of a 2017 Corvette in May

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Chevrolet offering a 10-percent discount on all versions of the Corvette.

Your local Corvette dealership doesn’t just want to sell you the Corvette you end up buying. It wants to sell you your next Corvette…and the one after that.

This month it’ll be trying even harder to get you into another one of America’s sports cars. According to our friends at CarsDirect, all versions of the 2017 Corvette are 10 percent off during the month of May. Corvette Blogger explained how it works:

“Chevrolet will offer each dealer a limited number of Bonus Tags. Under this program, the dealer sells the car at the Supplier Price and then there is a rebate that would take the price down by 10% off that MSRP. Supplier Pricing falls between Employee and regular Retail pricing.”

Those cuts can add up to substantial discounts, such as more than $13,000 off the MSRP of a 2017 Grand Sport convertible with the 2LT package or a Grand Sport coupe with a 17-percent discount at Kerbeck Corvette in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I looked on the website of a Corvette dealer in Central Texas and found a Corvette 1LT marked down from an MSRP of $61,160 to a price of $52,160 and a 2LT slashed from $71,200 to $62,200.

The 2018 model year will bring in a number of changes, many of them cosmetic. Chevy will offer new exterior colors and wheel designs, as well as tweaks to the interior and improvements to the Head-Up Display and rear-view camera image. Magnetic Ride Control will be a stand-alone option on the Stingray. The Z07 Performance Package will no longer be necessary to get ceramic brakes on the Grand Sport. The 3LT version of that car and the 3LZ version of the Z06 can be turned into a Carbon 65 Edition, which features Ceramic Matrix Gray paint, carbon fiber exterior touches, and special interior trim, including a carbon fiber-rimmed steering wheel.

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