Spruce Up Your C1 Corvette’s Worn Chrome Bumper

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Chances are, if you own a 1958 – 1960 Corvette, you’ve had an issue or two with that rear bumper.

The back end of the C1 has long been trouble spot for the car, especially when it comes to the placement of the exhaust through the chrome bumper. One of the most obvious issues has been the effects the toxic exhaust has had on the bumper’s chrome plating.

Not that the issue is really specific to just Corvettes. Early model Cadillacs and Packards have suffered from the pains of worn chrome plating due to exhaust fumes as well. But the bumper woes no longer prevent you from sprucing up your classic ride with a few custom features, as highlighted in a Super Chevy story.

The Chevy-specific report specifically focuses on a step-by-step guide on how to add custom backup lights to new chrome-plated bumpers. The informative piece provides everything from a photo guide of the fabrication steps to a how-to for properly connecting the wiring.

So, time to get to work, friends. And be sure to share the results here at Corvette Forum.

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