How Many Garage Spaces Does Your Dream House Need to Have?

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Finding the perfect house can be difficult, especially when you’re an auto enthusiast who needs a seven car garage.

Finding the perfect home is never easy, but for VINwiki founder Ed Bolian and his wife, it has been even more difficult. They needed the perfect house… with a seven-car garage. In this YouTube video Bolian shares his struggles in finding a suitable home in Atlanta for his growing family.

“When reasonable people shop for a house, they think about things like safety and school districts, and the proximity to the things they like to do,” Bolian says in his video. “But for car enthusiasts, it’s a little bit different. We think about speed bumps in the community, and driveway angles, and, obviously, garage capacity.”

Ed Bolian seven-car garage

Due to Bolian’s work of choice, he owns about seven cars at any one time. His bio states that as a college entrepreneur, he started an exotic car rental company out of his dorm room. He then went on to serve as Sales Director for the Lamborghini/McLaren/Aston Martin/Lotus dealership in Atlanta.

In his younger years, Bolian stored his car collection in a rented warehouse with a makeshift bedroom and bathroom off to one side. When he was dating, that was fine. But then he entered wedded bliss. “Once I got married, my wife was less interested in that type of an arrangement,” he says, “so we moved into an apartment, but I kept the warehouse for Supercar Rentals because I had to have a place to store the cars.”

In 2010, they purchased their first home. But it only had a two-car garage. “When you buy your first house,” Bolian explains, “in most cases like ours, we don’t have the money to go out and build a big garage. And in a lot of communities you can’t just go put up a steel building and have extra storage space.”

Over the years, Bolian says it pained him that he couldn’t keep his rides nearby. “We all want that as car guys,” he says. “We just want the idea [of being able] to walk out in the middle of the night whenever we want to and just have all of the cars there.”

Ed Bolian seven-car garage

About six months ago, they started looking for a new home. Their son would be starting kindergarten soon and they wanted to be in a different school district. And this time, Bolian wanted a larger garage. “About two months ago, a house came on the market,” he says. “And it was perfect: in a great part of town, close to the things we like to do, and it had a seven-car garage. It was actually listed as a six, but would easily hold a seventh.”

But buying it wasn’t so easy. “So we went and showed up for the open house the next day and it was packed,” Bolian states. “There were 40 people walking around this house. And I called our agent and said, ‘We’ve just got to get this house.” However, through some collective shrewd negotiating, the home seller accepted Bolian’s offer and the closing went smoothly.

Ed Bolian seven-car garage

“What I’d love to say to anyone who’s been in my situation for the last few years that just feels demoralized that I’m never going to find that perfect situation where I can have all of my cars close to home and just be able to use them whenever I want,” Bolian advises, “it really does make sense to hold out and find that place that already has the perfect garage already built.”

Now, Bolian says his dream of having his cars at his fingertips has come true. “I finally found THE house.”

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