Remove AIR Injector Tubes Without Removing Manifolds

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I have some advice on pulling out the tubes that are inside
the manifold without having to remove the manifolds. You will need a
fairly strong, yet thin wire (coat hanger is [i]almost[/i] too thick).
Bend a very tight \’U\’ in the end of the wire, with the distance from
the bottom of the U to the short tip (as well as the width of the U) being
less than a quarter inch.
feed the \’U\’ end of the wire into the holes in the manifold and try
to locate the holes in the tubes. The holes are square and usually one is
on top and the other on the bottom. After you feel the wire get into the
hole, tug and the tube should pop out. Worked like a charm for me. The
square holes in the tubes are about 1/4\” x 1/4\”.
pulling out the tubes, find the correct size pipe plug for the holes in
the manifold (I took the exterior tubes with nuts on them into Autozone
and they found the correct size plug). The pipe plugs were tightened with
an allen wrench.

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