How-To Tuesday: Lowering Your Corvette

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Raised vs lowered Zo6

Why lower a Corvette, you may be asking? Well, besides the visual look above, which for most is likely the reason, you can also improve handling in a race setting with a lowered car. Prime example: ever noticed a NASCAR or Formula 1 car more than a few finger nails off the ground? Downforce is king in racing set-ups.

Lowering your Corvette isn’t as difficult as you may imagine. As a matter of fact, before reading this week’s How-To Tuesday article, I was certain that it was going to be a very difficult proposition. I was wrong, way wrong. Now there are a few variations to lowering a Corvette, but the article sticks with the easiest option of them all.

There are six basic steps outlined in the article. I would imagine that most of you have the tools in your garage right now to achieve the desired look.┬áIt can be difficult to tell if you are looking at a Corvette that has been lowered, especially if you don’t have another sitting beside it to compare the differences. But you’ll find that with the steps listed in the article, you’ll achieve a 3/4 to 5/8 inch difference from the stock ride height.

Have you lowered your Corvette? What’s the first thing you noticed once you made the adjustment? Would you do it again? Let us know your lowered stories!

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