How-To Tuesday: So You Want to Buy a C6 Corvette?

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Has there ever been a Corvette that took the evolutionary leap more than the C6? Answer? Yes, that would be the C7. But really, when it was released there were few people that weren’t raving about the styling and performance of the C6 Corvette. Here’s the thing though, now is the time (if you like the C6 styling) to be looking to purchase a C6.

As with most Corvettes, regardless of the generation, you either love or hate it. I’m in the “we could be friends with benefits but not in love with the C6” category, if you know what I mean.┬áBut let’s say that you totally want to marry a C6. You can’t think of anything more wonderful than having a C6 in your life. Well, you’re in luck!

C6 Corvette wedding

Our How-To contributors at Corvette Forum wrote a great article on how to source the best sixth generation Corvette for you! The details are fantastic. Some of the items mentioned in the article may be common sense to most, but others may not be. As the article mentions, the “right” Corvette for you may not be the right Corvette for the person next to you, even if they both are sixth gen ‘Vettes. Of course that’s one of the greatest things about owning a Corvette in my opinion; I could have the same color, same year, same rims even, but chances are we would be able to know which car is yours and which is mine.

There are so many of you out there that have gone through this process, I have no doubt. Be it a C6, C2, or even a C7, I’m sure that you all have stories about purchasing your Corvette. We would love to hear the secrets about how you got the best deal. So let us know, how did you get welcomed to the Corvette family?

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