Insanely Low Miles 1984 C4 Corvette for Sale

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1984 C4 1

It’s not often that you find a time capsule such as this. With mileage that most people rack up in just a few months, this 1984 Corvette Z51 has managed to accumulate just 3,850 original miles in 32 years. It makes you wonder about the type of owner though; who would buy such a good example of car like this, and then simply stop using it? One has to think that the first few thousand miles were racked up with glee, but then one day the owner just decided to stop using it. That’s a shame, as I tend to stay on the side of “cars should be driven.”

Anyhow, Corvette Forum members are having quite the discussion about the car. Even in this well preserved condition, estimates are being thrown around in the $15,000 range. That still seems like it’s on the low end of the value charts. One thing’s for certain though, it will be a good find for a collector out there somewhere. Or perhaps if you’re simply looking for a clean C4, seeing as the prices are still rock bottom, this very easily looks like a winner. Not to mention, a good gauge by which to judge other C4s of similar vintage and miles.

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