Installing the Column Lock Bypass

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Well I did it!! Installed
the C5 Solutions By-Pass last night. Couple of editorial comments first:

1. Easy install, great

2. It worked ! ! !

3. If you are big
like me (6\’4\”/275 lbs), it is a bit harder than the
instructions imply.

4. Can\’t think of
an easier $60 insurance policy.

Following are the
instructions from C5 Solutions with my comments marked with

I promised pictures, but
sorry, didn\’t take any…

Installation of the
Column Lock Bypass is simple using the factory connector to plug right
in with no cutting! Expect approximately 30 minutes for
You will need a T15-Torx driver to remove some

is essential. Don\’t know how you would remove the screws without
it. Also, it actually took me closer to 1 hrs.

be sure the car is turned off and the key is out of
the ignition. DO NOT
turn the ignition switch on until
instructed to do so!

1. From the left side
the steering column, pull/pry the Fog Lamp/Trunk Release switch plate
out of the dashboard. Unplug the harness connected to this switch plate.
Remove the Torx screw behind this location.

problem, just use a flat blade screw
driver, but be carefull not to slip.

2.. From the
of the dashboard knee pad, remove the two (2) Torx

3. From the right
side of the
steering column, pull/pry the vented cover plate off the Interior
Air Temperature Sensor located next to the ignition switch. Remove the
Torx screw behind this location.

4. Gently work the
dashboard knee pad away from the steering column being careful
not to
damage adjoining panels. The left side of this panel
may need to be pulled
slightly harder to unfasten a retaining
clip next to the switch plate

5. Unplug
the harness
connected to the Interior Air Temperature Sensor.

of this is very
straightforward. One challenge though is removing the
from the Air Tempature Sensor. There really isn\’t much room there,
and the harness twists off, similar to the light bulbs on brake lights.
This took me a while to figure out.

Continue gently
working the dashboard knee pad away from the
steering column until it
is completely removed.

7. On the left side
of the steering column,
locate the 4-wires routed together that go to
the steering
column lock assembly. The wires are Black, Green, Orange,
Purple in color. Follow them down to the black connector under the

8. Disconnect by prying
up on the
retaining tab of the vehicle-harness-side connector and pulling
the column-lock-side connector out.

straightforward as well. However,
here\’s where my size became a problem.
The harness is
attached to the steering column way up underneath. You
have seen me laying on the floor upside-down, feet in the air.
Not a pretty picture. Anyway, it\’s very tight in there. Takes some time
and a few cramps, but still pretty straightforward.

9.. You must now release
the steering column lock
using the supplied Lighter Plug Adapter. Strip
Vt\” of insulation from each wire of the Adapter. Identify
the hot wire with the stripe. Being careful not to short the stripped
wires together, plug the adapter into a 12V outlet on the car. Via the
black connector pins of the actuator, touch the HOT wire of
the adapter
to the PURPLE wire of the actuator while
simultaneously touching the GROUND
wire of the adapter to the
ORANGE wire of the actuator. You should hear
the actuator lock
retract. Remove the Adapter wires and unplug it. The
wheel should be free to move at this point. If not, you MUST
somehow get the actuator unlocked or replaced before proceeding.

is a little scary for
us neophytes, but just take your time. What they
are talking
about here is a cigarette lighter plug with two bare wires.
They are used to apply power to the actuator to unlock it. Kind of like
the old \”Ghost Busters\” though….DON\’T CROSS THE
STREAMS ! ! !. Meaning
don\’t let the wires touch. Just
apply the power and the ground to the
connector as instructed
and the motor unlocks the steering column. Voila
! !

10. The column lock
assembly harness will no
longer be used, so position it aside by tucking
it into a
nearby harness.

11. Plug the Column
Lock Bypass
module into the open under-dash connector you worked with
Step #8.

12. Secure the module
to the dash
support panel or other object with the supplied adhesive tape.


TESTING With the module
installed and the
steering column unlocked, you can verify your installation.

1. Start the ignition.
The DIC should not display
any abnormal messages. The steering wheel should

it works!!!! I did get the \”Remove Key Wait 10 seconds\” message
Removed it and then no problem.

2.. Turn off
the ignition
and completely remove the key. Turn the steering
wheel, it should not
be locked in place. Reinstall the
dashboard knee pad in reverse order
of disassembly. Be sure to
reconnect the Interior Air Temperature Sensor
and Fog
Lamp/Trunk Release harnesses.

usual, things go back together easier when you know what you are doing.

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