Insurance Company Eases Worries on the Track

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If you’ve ever had an accident tracking your Corvette, you probably know that getting your insurance company to cover the repairs can be tricky.

My guess is that there are even a few here that have been intentionally dodging the track out of fear that they’ll find their policy null and void if they were to experience an unfortunate mishap on the tarmac.

Luckily, there’s an insurance company called Lockton that feels you shouldn’t have to avoid taking your car to the track for a few hot laps, as we learned from a recent Road and Track report.

Lockton Motorsports offers car owners supplemental coverage for those coveted track days. And even better, it only takes a few minutes to get a policy emailed directly to your inbox.

Pricing varies depending on factors like car price, make, model, and mods. But when we entered a vehicle value of $55,000 (roughly the price of a C7) in the site’s quick quote section, the pricing started at $341 for a single-event policy and ranged up to $4,211 for coverage of 15 events.

It certainly seems well worth the investment. After all, what’s the point of dishing out the extra cash for a track package if you can’t really enjoy the perks that come with it?

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Via [Road and Track]

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