Leroy Corvette Runs New Best Time, Wins Street Car Takeover Class

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Twin turbocharged, bodyless Corvette runs an 8.26 at 173 miles per hour

Cleetus McFarland and his unique Corvette named Leroy recently headed to ZMax Dragway for the Street Car Takeover event and the world’s best-known bodyless Chevy sports car came away with a new record time and a big class win. After dealing with some tuning issues in testing and waiting through a lengthy race stoppage when a car caught fire on-track, Cleetus and Leroy managed to run four straight 8.26 passes while winning his way through the stick-shift class.

Leroy Corvette Engine

Practice Runs

Like all of the videos showing Leroy the bodyless Corvette tearing up the track, this one starts with channel host Garrett Mitchell (his name isn’t actually Cleetus) explaining the event and their plans. They made some tuning changes, so Leroy is going to make some roll-race runs first to check the boost levels. That turns out to be a good idea, as the Corvette runs into boost pressure issues on the top end, but they were able to make changes for their next run.

Leroy Corvette Roll Race

His second practice run is a standing quarter mile pass and after a good burnout, Mitchell and his Corvette make a good, clean run down the track – turning in an 8.45 at 167 miles per hour. He expects that with those numbers, he has a real chance of winning the stick shift class. On this run, he also tests the brakes, as a team member forgot to pull the parachute release pin so the chute won’t open on the top end, but the car still slows safely.

Leroy Corvette Staging

Elimination Round 1

In the first round of eliminations for the stick shift class, Mitchell and Leroy the Corvette take on an LSX-powered Mazda RX-7. The Mazda gets a terrible launch while Leroy spins just a touch, allowing the twin turbo Chevy to get out of the hole and down the track in a hurry. During this run, the serpentine belt comes off and the car loses power steering, but it still runs an 8.26 at 171 miles per hour.

Leroy Corvette Vs RX7

That was Leroy’s best quarter mile time ever, but the team found themselves with a belt problem, so they paid some fans five Cleetus McFarland t-shirts to run to the store and pick up a new belt. While waiting for the belt, the team found that the idler pulley was bad, so they paid a second set of fans five shirts to run to the store to buy a new idler pulley, but in the meantime, they borrowed one from the RX7 that they beat in the first round.

LEroy Corvette Side

While the team was fixing Leroy, there was an incident on the track where a car caught fire, leading to a lengthy delay in the event. At 10pm, only one round had been run and Mitchell questions whether they will get through the whole class, so he turns up the boost in an effort to focus on record numbers more than wins.

Elimination Rounds 2-4

In the second round of stick shift class eliminations, Leroy took on a 4th gen Camaro and although the car with the body got the better start, the bodyless Corvette quickly caught, passed and took the win – running another 8.26.

Leroy Corvette Vs Camaro

In the third round, Mitchell and Leroy had a solo run, so he was able to crank up the boost and play with the launch, but for the third time in a row, the twin turbo Corvette run an 8.26. On this run, the car hit 173 miles per hour, making this the quickest and fastest run ever for Leroy.

Leroy Corvette Burnout

In the fourth round, Leroy took on a wicked 240 and the race was crazy-tight, with the Corvette getting to the line just 0.0212-seconds earlier than the Nissan. On this run, Leroy ran – you guessed it – an 8.26.

Leroy Corvette Vs Nissan 240

At that point, Leroy the Corvette and Mitchell were headed to the stick shift class finals, but the track called the event as it was just too late to continue. The two teams discussed the situation and they decided to split the winnings and the trophy by cutting the small plaque in half with a Sawzall.

Mitchell with the Trophy

While the shared win was nice, the big news here is that Leroy has a new record time of 8.26 at 173 miles per hour.

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