License Plates: Best Corvette Tags at Carlisle

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Corvette License Plates

Can we get an ‘amen’ for all the great vanity plates spotted at Carlisle? Enjoy some great wordplay from ‘Vette owners.

“Corvette owners love their cars.” Yeah, that was a $200 Jeopardy answer and the question was “Why do so many Corvettes wear vanity license plates?”

OK, nobody’s gonna ask me to give up my day job to write Jeopardy clues, but you get the idea. Corvette owners come up with some danged clever vanity plates to demonstrate their affinity for America’s Sports Car. Sure, many owners demonstrate the internet principle of “FIRST!” by getting year and trim level. Sometimes, simple is better, you know? “MY ZO6?” Totally fine.

Corvette License Plates

However, some owners go above and beyond when registering their plates. CorvetteBlogger nabs some of the best of the best from Corvettes at Carlisle every year. This year, they found some doozies. CorvetteBlogger nabs some of the best of the best from Corvettes at Carlisle every year. This year, they found some doozies.

We threw in a couple of the more puzzling ones, too. For example, we have no idea why the gorgeous C1 wears a “SO SAD” tag. We’ll assume that merits a story and maybe we’ll dig that up. We’re also a little puzzled by the C7 Z06 with the “ZOOM2” tag. Is that “zoom too?” A Mazda trolling exercise? Is that also a puzzling story? We are talking about it, so it’s at least eye-catching.


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A good vanity plate should either give the car some character or use seven characters—take that, Twitter—to make great wordplay. The matching “MYSLOW1” and “MYFAST1” plates? We appreciate that cleverness. “SNAK ETR” on a Callaway? That’s first-rate character.

However, the best of the best might be the “AQUALT1” C4, which reads well in two ways. It’s an aqua-colored Corvette with an LT1, but it also reads like “a quality 1.” Dang, son. The owner hit that one 200 feet out of the ballpark.

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