C7 Corvette Versus Moose in Canada: Moose Wins

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C7 Corvette Canada Moose Collision

There isn’t much on the open road that a Corvette can’t tackle. Unfortunately, a moose isn’t one of them.

If you’ve ever driven in Canada, you’ve probably seen moose crossing signs. And if you’ve ever seen a moose in the wild, you know how freaking big they are. You know what isn’t big? A C7 Corvette.

C7 Corvette Canada Moose Collision

At 48.8 inches tall, it’s probably the last car in which you’d ever want to hit a 1,500-pound moose. But for one couple traveling on the Trans-Canada Highway outside of Soldiers Pond, Newfoundland, they found that out the hard way.

According to the St. John’s Telegram, the man and woman in the ‘Vette received mild medical treatment from paramedics on scene, but weren’t seriously injured. The Corvette, and the moose for that matter, weren’t so lucky.

From the accident scene photos, the impact damaged to the left front fender, mirror, A-pillars, windshield, and targa top. The Telegram reports that the interior was heavily damaged too. Both airbags were also deployed. As for the bull moose, it was thrown over the car and died on impact.


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The accident wasn’t the first time a car has collided with a moose along this stretch of the 4,990 mile highway. Since this spring, there have been several similar incidents. Looking at the accident scene, the Corvette’s passengers were probably among the luckier ones.

C7 Corvette Canada Moose Collision

It breaks our heart to see a Corvette bite the dust — let’s be honest, this one might not be brought back from the brink. But we’re just glad that the owners of this Stingray will be able to live to drive another day.

James Derek Sapienza is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and JK Forum, among other auto sites.

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