The Low-Aero Corvette ZR1 Mule Hits The ‘Ring

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It may have a tiny wing, but this prototype Corvette looks quick and sounds angry.

The Corvette development team is working overtime these days. We keep hearing about the wild mid-engine prototype that’s running around outside Detroit. But they also have mules for the upcoming C7 ZR1 at the Nürburgring that we can’t forget about. In this new video from Carspotter Jeroen over on YouTube we get another good look (and listen) to the ZR1 as it destroys the Green Hell.

We’ve seen a lot of ‘Ring footage of ZR1s, but everyone focuses on the “more aggressive” version with the massive wing on the back. This video focuses on a less aerodynamically outrageous version. Personally, we sort of prefer this toned down model. Judging by these videos, it’s not exactly slow around the Nordschleife either.

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And can we talk about that noise? Even with the ‘Ring mandated tumors hanging out the back to muffle the volume, the new ZR1 sounds angrier than any factory Corvette ever dreamed about. It snorts, and snarls, and that pop on the overrun is musical. Also, be sure to pay attention around the 1:30 mark so you can giggle as it passes by a Porsche Cayman as though it were standing still.

What do you guys think? Should GM be putting more time into the car with the bigger aero package and chase max time, or should they be focusing on creating a car that’s more rounded? Still damn fast, but maybe not covered in Fast and Furious-style accessories. Hopefully we end up with an option for both, but if for some reason we only get the giant one, we know it will work.

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