Throwback: The 1982 Corvette Dealer Sales Training Video

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1982 Corvette Commercial Screen Shot

Everything you’d ever want to know about the final year C3 Corvette. 

By 1982, the C3 Corvette was long overdue for a replacement. Sure, the svelte looks of the early chrome bumper cars make them classics. But we here at CorvetteForum love the tough, muscular looks of the relatively unloved ’80-’82 Corvette.

This was the C3’s curtain call. But before taking a one-year hiatus to perfect the groundbreaking 1984 C4, GM produced this promotional video. Yes, it was long in the tooth, but there was plenty left for Chevy’s salespeople to learn about the C3.

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Like the later C3 itself, the video’s soundtrack of synthesizers, funky horns, and bass guitar is straight out of the Disco Era. Chevy’s also clearly proud of their new Bowling Green assembly plant, automatic transmission, and Crossfire fuel injection system.

It’s easy to mock the Crossfire system as a disaster. But it introduced a primitive form of on-board diagnostics to the Corvette, something we take for granted today.

And some things never change, like concerns about fuel economy. A low overdrive gear on the four-speed automatic transmission keeps the ’82 Corvette at just 1400 RPM at 55 miles per hour, the national speed limit at the time. An electronically-controlled lockup torque converter helps out around town too. Power disc brakes at all four corners are also an impressive standard feature in 1982.

Thirteen paint colors are available, including beige for the Collector’s Edition. Four two-tone combinations are offered as well. That’s an impressive color palette even today, in our world of seemingly endless permutations of silver and metallic grey.

Our favorite new-for-’82 feature is the hinged rear hatch available on the Collector’s Edition. It’s a shame more late C3s didn’t come with that option. So while the C4 blew the C3 out of the water in just about every way, we still love it. This video extolling its virtues is a thrill to watch.

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