Make and Model Monday: Corvettes and Sexy Women

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C5 Corvette and Sexy Twins - Corvettes and Sexy Women

If you’re reading this at work, and are wondering whether it’s safe to click “play” on this video of Corvettes and sexy women, let me break it down for you. If you could get away with having a Maxim in your workspace, then you can watch this video. I have inspected the footage carefully — very carefully. I know, quality inspecting content like this is such a tough job. Really, there’s no need to thank me for stepping up to the plate on this article. It’s just how I choose to give back to the community.

And now some commentary on the video: There are many times I forget a Corvette is sitting behind the beautiful woman standing in front of it. However, when it comes to the cars, there are a few standouts.

C4 Corvette ZR-1 and Sexy Girl - Corvettes and Sexy Women

The first one for me comes at the 1:34 mark. Show me a picture of a C4 ZR-1, and I lose my mind. The lovely lady standing in front of the Corvette is quite delightful, but anytime I see a 1992-1995 ZR-1, lust overcomes me, and tears of gasoline gush out of my eyes.

C6 Corvette and Sexy Woman - Corvettes and Sexy Women

Another interesting point in this 8:38-long eye-candy exposé is when you hit the 1:49 mark. There’s something about the above C6 Corvette in silver that lends to an ultra-premium look, as if monetary magic was injected via syringe into the car’s fiberglass body panels.

Custom C5 Corvette and Sexy Woman - Corvettes and Sexy Women

Fast-forward to 6:38 and you’ll see an interesting take on C5 Corvette customization. I’m usually not a fan of crazy customs, but this C5’s mid-engine styling cues combined with its late-model-NSX-inspired headlights and shaved front fascia make for a unique and immersive visual experience. I’d love to see how this car would look in the same color as the C6 above it, and I’d love to see her riding shotgun with me.

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C5 Corvette and Sexy Woman - Corvettes and Sexy Women

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