Manual Transmission Prevents Corvette Theft

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NBC Survelliance Camera

Here’s another good reason that Chevrolet might want to continue selling manual Corvettes.

Though we’ve heard rumblings that the Corvette stick shift might become a thing of the past, for now, let’s revel in the present of this recent story: a pair of would-be burglars in Pittsburg, California botched their plan to steal a C6 because they couldn’t drive a stick, as highlighted in an NBC Bay Area report.

The bumbling burglars were quickly arrested by police, who happened to be in the area, but not before backing the Corvette into a pair of mailboxes, damaging some of the body work on the car. All of which was caught on surveillance video.

In a way, you could say that the manual transmission helped catch the thieves, considering that had the C6 been an automatic, they might have made a clean getaway.

Unfortunately, if Chevy decides to scrap the manual option, it looks like future Corvette owners might have to rely solely on OnStar as a deterrent for car thieves, rather than those trusty stick shifts.

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via [NBC Bay Area]

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