Recent C6 Corvette Purchaser Dies in Rollover Accident

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C6 Fatal Crash

Those at Corvette Forum are mourning the fatal crash of a 73-year-old C6 owner by the name of Richard Padgham who died on Good Friday following an accident in his 2008 Corvette.

Padgham’s 71-year-old wife, Marilyn, who was a passenger in the Corvette, managed to escape the incident with only a few minor injuries, according to an MPNNow news story.

Details on what actually caused the accident, which happened in Ontario County, New York, are sketchy at this point. However, authorities have ruled out alcohol as a factor. It appears that Padgham might have just lost control of the car after traveling only a few hundred feet.

According to the local ABC affiliate, 13Wham:

“Friends say 73-year-old Richard Padgham purchased the blue, 2008 Chevy Corvette just one day before the car crash, taking his life.”

For many here at Corvette Forum, it’s a sad and gruesome reminder of the dangers that often come with owning a car like a Corvette, regardless of whether it’s a 430-horsepower 2008 model or the new 650-horsepower Z06.

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