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Power is good, but more power is better. This is basically a law of the universe.

With that fact settled, why don’t we take some time to help out our fellow enthusiasts. Corvette Forum member prisonbob is the proud owner of a 2011 Grand Sport, but he wanted to know what’s the best way to make reliable power on a budget, preferably without a lot of tradeoffs. So far in the thread, there have been a lot of people discussing the merits of just a good exhaust and tune. Long tube headers seem to be the go to first step, followed by high-flow cats or an X-pipe. Beyond that things get murky. There have been some discussions about forced induction, but I would argue that starts to violate the “reliable” and “budget” parts of our discussion.

So since this thread only has two pages of comments, I thought we should bring this talk to the front page. I would like to ask anyone out there with solid experience dealing with performance mods to step up and contribute. Let’s turn this thread into a solid collection of information that can be used by all visitors and members. Instead of a simple random posts about headers and superchargers, we can create a database of reliable information that can be used as a reference.

So, please feel free to chime in with your knowledge, and be as detailed as you want. If you have costs or dyno numbers, please share those as well. The more information we can gather the better. I want this to turn into a mini horsepower encyclopedia if we can manage it. We have one of the best and most knowledgeable Corvette communities in existence. Let’s put our heads together and make something cool. Don’t limit it to the C6 either. If you have good data and info on any Corvette, post it up. Just be sure to note what car and motor it pertains to. In the end, perhaps we can organize it all and a make new sticky thread for everyone to use.

Now go forth and share your information.

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