How ‘Bout Them Round LED Taillights?

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Recently, a set of LED “halo” taillights for a C5 popped up on the “for sale” forum, and it only took a few hours for them to be snatched up. That made me think about the fact that a large and vocal part of our membership thinks that round taillights should be on every Corvette until the end of time. But how does that group feel about things like these halo LED units?

I for one think the new C7 looks amazing, and I am very happy to see the round lights die off, but I also like modern and interesting design. So to the folks that love the old round taillights, from a design standpoint, do things like the LED upgrades or the “halo design” stuff bother you?

Judging by how quickly these lights sold, it’s obvious that there is some market for them, but I want some more solid feedback. So please, hit that fancy poll we have below and let me know what you guys really think. Are the LEDs cool? Is the design cool? And is the shape important? You can vote for one choice in each area.

So lets talk LED taillights

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