Tesla P85D Over New Corvette Z06? Really?

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tesla vs corvette

Unfortunately, there’s just no stopping those who show up to Corvette Forum simply looking to stir up a response to something that really doesn’t warrant one.

At least, that’s my speculation, given the thread started by a newbie, who goes by the name TheShining, entitled “Tesla P85d beats ’15 Z06 at dragstrip“.

How else would you explain someone hopping on a site called Corvette Forum, then questioning whether an all-electric sedan is a better buy than the new Z06, one of the most worshipped sports cars on the planet right now?

From the moment I read the first two lines of the thread — “These EV’s are crazy. Monster torque and AWD” — I knew where this was headed. Not to mention the fact that he had the nerve to post a video (shown below) that clearly shows the Z06 driver blowing the start.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I certainly like reading subjective views here at Corvette Forum. Most here know I’ve shared a few myself that haven’t gone over that well. But when it comes to asking folks here whether you should buy a Tesla over a new Z06, you’ve definitely come to the wrong place.

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