Corvette Forum Facebook Friday: Design In Motion

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Facebook Fridays

When it comes to revving up some comments, this Facebook Friday C7 photo certainly hits the spot.

The photo, which fan Justin Baysinger shared on the official Corvette Facebook page here, has already garnered over 12,000 likes and 500 shares since being posted on March 30. Not bad for just a 12 day showing.

I’ve included some of my favorite comments on the photo below, all of which pretty much sum up why we picked this ‘Vette for today’s Facebook Friday honoree.

Heather McCormick“It smiles at me!!!!”

Kerstin Fabrytzek-Borchers“Wooah”

Jam Bautista“wOw!!!”

Linda Grimoldi“very sweeeeeeeeeeeeet”

Faryal Khan“Beauty”

Mateo Ceballos Querol“This should be bumblebee in transformers 6”

Aquiles Cunningham“OMG”

Amanpreet Singh“the cool”

Gina Perugi“Holy Moly, This is Beautiful! ! !”

Joshua RaggaMuffin Stevenson – “Every man’s dream.”

Arlene Kingery“I’ll take one please!”

Justin Baysinger“Thanks for all the likes and comments. This one is going on the wall.”

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