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If you’ve been using Corvette Forum for longer than thirty seconds then you know that certain members have VERY strong opinions about some things. For instance: clay bars, originality, tail lights, and transmissions. And it’s that last item that brings us to this post.¬†Our recent speculation about GM’s newly patented DCT spawned quite a frenzy. And the Corvette is a sports car, right? That means that while it is a street car, it can be driven to the track or strip and be competitive with similar cars. It’s not intended to be granny’s grocery getter.

Furthermore, sports cars are designed to maximize driver control. After all, the Viper has never offered an automatic. So having said that and knowing that roughly two-thirds of all Corvettes sold are equipped with automatic transmissions, we wondered what would happen to Corvette sales if the only transmission available was a manual. Just to be clear this is not something that is in the pipeline or even rumored, we’re just curious.

Would you buy a Corvette if the only transmission offered was a manual?

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