Mirror Rattle Fix

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Parts: None (hopefully)
Estimate time: 10 minutes per
Tools Needed: Phillips Screwdriver, Loctite, Dielectric
Preliminary Information:
The mirrors are held to the
adjusting motor by a small �+� shaped piece called a pinion. The pinion
attaches to retainers on both mirror and motor. There are two threaded
rods attached to the mirror, one on the outer portion and the other on the
bottom. These treaded rods are inserted into the motor for adjustment.
Visit http://forums.corvetteforum.com/zerothread?&id=440667 for pictures
with the description.
1. There are two common
methods in removing the mirrors. It is suggested that you roll down the
window to gain access to two hard to get to screws. Here is the first
a) Turn the ignition on and adjust the mirror all the way
to the right or left. Slide several fingers behind the glass as close to
the center as possible and gently but firmly pull the glass away from the
mirror housing. Lay the mirror to the side.
b) The second method
involves adjusting the mirror all the way down and sliding a small flat
screwdriver between the pinion and the mirror. A slight twist of the
screwdriver will release the mirror.
2. With the mirror off you
will now be looking at the motor. I found it best to first just loosen
all three screws a little before completely removing. Once the three
screws are loosened then carefully remove and place some place secure.
Place the motor to the side.
3. After removing the motor you
will see what is most likely the culprit to the rattling, a loose mirror
motor mounting bracket. Note the three screws. Carefully remove these
three screws. Remember they have been in there are long time and are most
like rusted. Plus you have a certain amount of oxidation around the
threads because of dissimilar metals. After removing the screws, blow or
brush out the holes, clean or replace the screws. Then coat with Loctite
and reattach the mounting bracket.
4. Now it�s time to replace the
mirror motor. Remember to and clean the screws. Place the motor back in
position, Loctite the three screws tighten. You are now ready to replace
the mirror.
5. Now is the time for the Dielectric Silicon.
Lightly coat both of the threaded rods, and guide them into their
respective points in the motor. Then gently push the two threaded rods
back into their sockets on the motor, align the �+� shaped fastener with
it\’s mount and press gently but firmly in the middle of the glass. It
should snap right back into place.

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