Mod of the Week: These Colors Don’t Run

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Altering the Color of Your Corvette Upholstery's Stitching Before-After

It’s been established in previous features (like Corvette of the Week) that forum member Jagamajajaran (called Jeremy in real life) knows how to visually modify his cars in proper fashion. When this guy tinted the rear bumper reflectors on his yellow C7, I wrote, “This should be a mandatory mod for all C7 Corvettes.” Now Jeremy is at it again with something he calls the “Best $2.49 Interior Mod Ever” — a simple technique for changing the color of the Corvette’s contrast stitching. All it takes is a Sharpie fabric marker and a couple of hours of your time. Maybe it is the best inexpensive interior mod out there, but one thing’s for sure: it’s good enough to be Mod of the Week.

Here’s how Jeremy achieved his contrast stitching transformation.

I wanted my interior stitching to match the car, so I bought a “Stained by Sharpie” fabric marker and went to work on the stitching. I used yellow, but there are a variety of colors available: Click here for the selection.

It took about two hours to transform the stitching. The process involved staining a 4-6 inch section then wiping the excess off the leather with a dry rag. There were no issues at all, and it really looks great (the pics don’t do it justice).

Jeremy completed this mod back in January, and has recently reported the yellow is resisting fade very well. To offer you an even longer-term example, member DanTheFireman used this Zig pigment marker to color the stitching on his then-brand-new 2008 Corvette Z06.

ZIG Pigment Ink Marker

According to Dan, after years of sitting under Florida sunshine, the stitching looked great right up until he sold the car in 2013.

Other people on the forum have altered their contrast stitching, usually needing only one marking pen, and the results have been sensational. If you want to do this to your Corvette, make sure light-colored pigment is going onto dark-colored upholstery. Check out the gallery of colorful stitching to see how this Mod of the Week could look on your Corvette. Once you’ve marked your own car, share your results on the forum.

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