This is one Scary Stingray

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Talk about intimidating. Can you imagine cruising down the highway and suddenly seeing this sitting in the turnaround/median? I’m betting most would probably start sweating the second they were to see it, even if they weren’t speeding.

The custom C7, which features a police livery and the optional Z51 package, is currently on sale in Sweden, according to a World Car Fans report.  That means most law-breaking citizens here in the U.S. are probably safe for now.

Apparently, the law enforcement theme was inspired by the Saleen Mustang police car in the Transformers movie, which is odd considering that everyone knows that a Corvette owner would never, ever want to copy anything from a Mustang.

Then again we are talking Sweden.

Still, if there’s a police department here that can afford to pay $120,000 for a C7 with 230 miles, this would be one of hell of a deterrent for crime.

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