Corvette C1 Slays Drag Strip with C5 Power

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With big tires, a roll bar, and a nitrous bottle, this old-school Corvette doesn’t allow age to keep it from winning!

At Corvette Forum, we often come across the hottest ‘Vettes in the world. Whether they’re prepped for a road course, a weekend cruise, or the drag strip, they’re all amazing in their own right. But there’s something extra awesome about this amped-up C1.

C1 Corvette tearing up the drag strip.

Maybe it’s because the C1 is the ‘Vette that started everything. It’s the granddaddy of them all. And as this footage by 1320video shows, age doesn’t stop this one from hitting the drag strip and kicking ass.

In fact, this C1 and its owner/driver perform so well on the strip that they make it to the finals in two separate classes.

The owner says this old-school beast is powered by a relatively simple setup. Under the hood is an LS3 V8 swapped from a Corvette C5. It enjoys the added performance of a Nitrous bottle and a Powerglide transmission. It’s unclear how much horsepower this bad boy puts down, but judging by its many wins, it looks like it has plenty.

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The C1 takes on all kinds of machinery. From modern and Fox-body Mustangs to vintage Pontiacs, it just dominates. Regardless of the opponent, this C1 always takes off cleanly and stays in control of the situation. It’s quite a sight to see.

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