Moving to Arizona Comes With Some Corvette Bonuses

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Arizona promises sunshine, happiness, and a prettier Corvette.

California, Oregon, Texas, Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia are just some of the states that require law-abiding citizens to defile the good looks, cooling, and aerodynamic properties of their Corvettes by demanding we screw slabs of metal onto the nose. Of course, we are referring to the loathed front license plate. It’s this car-defiling evil that Corvette Forum member joemessman just escaped when he moved from Oregon to Arizona. He posted up a quick pair of photos of his car, both before and after the plate was removed — and the visual difference is stunning.

Seriously. Anyone who says the front plate doesn’t really change the look of the Corvette is either lying, blind, or both.

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So, if you find yourself living up north, and your life is starting to disagree with snowy weather and front license plates, maybe take a look at moving to Arizona, like Joe did. You get some nicer weather (even if it does get a little hot), and your Corvette gets to look even better than it already does. If that isn’t the textbook definition of “win-win,” we don’t know what is.

Of course, we don’t know exactly why Joe really made the move, but we like to assume it was purely for the aesthetic enhancement to his darling C7. Which brings up the question: would any of you move just to get rid of that awful damned license plate on the nose? Feel free to hit up Joe’s original thread to chime in. And be sure to compliment his car while you are in there. It really is a beauty.

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