Mr. Regular Reviews the Definitive C3 Corvette Restomod

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77 corvette restomod

Regular Car Reviews takes a second look at the Corvette C3. Not just any C3, but a “restomod” version. And that word is fairly important, as Mr. Regular points out. Not intending to turn his C3 into a pair of David Lee Roth’s pants, the owner, Neal, hoped to make it look mostly original, with a few little things changed here and there.

This C3 started white on red, and flawed. The factory fit on the bumpers was never known to match up, and the paint was prone to crack all too easily. But Neal kept the bumpers, and the new silver paint already has those imperfections. Inside was re-done in black, but still fairly original, including some “new old stock” parts sourced in the correct color when possible.

What Neal didn’t keep was the engine. That’s a ’79 van short block tucked in there. With a few extra goodies allowing it to breathe much better than stock. And just like the interior, that’s the point of a resto-mod. You can change improve important things about the car without having to worry about a Sotheby’s auctioneer criticizing you for using the incorrect shop rags. Instead it retains all the coolness of the original, but Neal still gets to enjoy it.

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